Living in the country but coming from the city! Idaho is country!

I see lots of people who move to Idaho and buy an acreage for the first time. Yehaw,  now they can have dogs, horses, cows, chickens, a garden etc. 6 months later things aren’t so rosy. Why, usually unrealistic expectations and being unprepared for the environment. 

  What am I talking about? If you live in the country in Idaho, that can mean just a mile or 2 out of the city, sometimes the country will walk right into your back yard. You must realize that wildlife lives among the people when you live in Idaho. Even close to the city. Deer will eat your garden and fruit trees, hawks, owls, foxes and coyotes can prey on small domestic animals like chickens or small dogs and cats.  Skunks, raccoons and badgers can get into things on an acreage. you might encounter dogs at large, or goats, cows or a stray horse may end up in your pasture one morning. Once I had turkeys in my field eating all of the lettuce in my garden, and what the turkeys didn’t eat the rabbits did! I planted 5 fruit trees one spring only to have the deer eat all of my fruit and then the trees!  And you just didn’t think a skunk would come through that cat door on the back porch looking for the cat food did you !!!???  Oh My what to do. It’s not as bad as it seems. The wildlife is beautiful and one of the great benefits of living in the country. But you need to be prepared to live in the country. Good gates and fences are the first line of defense for acreage properties, to keep your pet in and other pests out. Familiarize yourself with the local critters and you will enjoy the wildlife instead of being plagued by it.  The local extension office can be of great help, as can your neighbors. Or an experienced Realtor, like me, that knows about acreage properties can give you the heads up on what to expect and how to prepare for a fun and exciting life living in the country. So breath in the fresh air and enjoy the Idaho country, from inside the fence.

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