In A Sellers market like Eagle Idaho Experience counts

Looking to buy or sell in Eagle, Idaho or surrounding Areas of Southwest Idaho? This is a very difficult market for both Sellers and Buyers to navigate. you may end up with a multiple offer situation as a seller or an offer just hours after listing. So those questions of did I price it correctly will haunt you?  As a buyer, Did I not offer enough? I keep getting out bid, will I ever find a home that I can afford? There are a lot of skills and tactics that experienced realtors develop over years of negotiating in all types of markets. Plus these markets change very quickly. Experience helps recognize those changes as they are occurring. So how do I find a good Broker? Ask around, look for signs, and find out if your broker is experienced and Local. Some one who just started out in a community that they are unfamiliar with may lead you down the wrong path. Find an agent like me, who is not only an agent, but a Broker, a native Idahoan, and has lots of experience negotiating tough markets. Call me, let me help you find that dream property in Idaho

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